With the years I have built up a large repertoire, which includes both standard works and rarities. I often compile the concert programs thematically. The instrument combinations include: violin and piano, violin and guitar, violin and organ, 2 violins, violin and orchestra and violin solo. In a typical concert larger works by the great composers will often be alternated with shorter pieces, exhibiting the charm and virtuosity of the violin.These pieces were once very popular.

During the "Golden Days" of the violin such famous artists as Fritz Kreisler, Jascha Heifetz, the young Yehudi Menuhin and a host of others included these beauties in their programs. Audiences still love them. In today’s concerts this lovely part of the repertoire has disappeared in favour for chamber music and sonatas. To perform them again means more to me than just to present some rarities. It is a connection with the old tradition of violin art.

Another important part of my repertory are the sonatas and partitas for soloviolin by Johann Sebastian Bach. These noble works I like to perform as a complete cycle in 3 different concert events, but of course I also play them separately as part of mixed programs. I prefer to play them in churches, mainly because here they usually receive the good acoustics and the spirited atmosphere, which they require. 

Look for a more detailed listing of the programs in the German part of this homepage.

Violin concerti with Orchestra
Gade D minor
Mozart No.4 D major
Paganini No.1 D major (Cadenza von Fritz Kreisler)
Schumann: Fantasie op.131 (Ausgabe Kreisler)
Viotti No.22 a minor
Wieniawski No.1 F sharp minor
Vivaldi, Torelli, Pergolesi D major, E minor, B major
Vivaldi The Four Seasons
Bach A minor, E major, D minor (double)
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Mozart Concerto 3, G major. Cadenzas by Jochen Brusch
A major
Beethoven  D major, 2 Romances op. 40 and op. 50
Mendelssohn  E minor
Bruch  No. 1 G minor, No. 2 D minor, Scottish Fantasy, Romance in A minor
Paganini  Concertos No. 2 and No. 4. Cadenzas by Jochen Brusch
B minor "La Campanella"
Vieuxtemps  No. 4 D minor, No. 5 A minor
Saint-Sains Introduktion and Rondo Capriccioso
Wieniawski  No. 2 D minor, Legende op. 17
Brahms D major
Joachim  A minor "Hungarian Concerto"
Dvorák  A minor, Romance in F minor
Chausson Poëme

Programs for Violin solo 
Bach  Complete works: 3 Sonatas und 3 Partitas (3 concerts)
Bach  a selection from the complete works in one concert
A virtuose recital works by Bach, Paganini, Ernst, Ysaÿe, Kreisler etc.

Programs for Violin and Guitar with the Guitarist Finn Svit 
Program 1 Händel: Sonata D major, Paganini: Sonata in E minor and various works, Chopin: Nocturne C sharp minor, Sarasate: Romanza Andaluza, and works by Kreisler, Henriques, Schubert, a.o.
Program 2 Veracini: Sonata A major, Tartini; The Devils Trill Sonata, Chopin: Mazurka in A minor, Dvorák: Indian Lament, Vieuxtemps: Yankee Doodle, Bazzini: La Ronde des Lutins, etc.
Program 3 Bach: French Suite, Haydn: Sonata in E minor, Schubert: Arpeggionesonate (2. and 3. Sentence)
Homage a Denmark Danish composers and music related to Denmark: works by Buxtehude, Dowland, Vivaldi, Nielsen, Lumbye etc.
Concerts for the young "Animals in Music" (Link), "In 45 Minutes around the World", "Witches Dance"

Programme for Violin and Organ with the organist Sven-Ingvart Mikkelsen 
Scandinavian Romantic Musik works by Sinding, Grieg, Stenhammer, Bull, Svendsen etc.
Antonio Vivaldi The Four Seasons 
Franch Romantik Music works by Massenet, Vieuxtemps, Gounod, Faure, Debussy etc. 
Wolf von Siebenthal works for violin and organ
W. A. Mozart works for violin and organ, Sonata KV 306, Concerto KV 216 etc.
Joseph Haydn The last 7 Words

Programs for two Violins with or without Piano with the violinist Julia Galic 
Program for two violins works by Vivaldi, Leclair, Haydn, Spohr, Wieniawski, Ysaÿe, Prokofiev etc.
Program for two violins with piano works by Vivaldi, Bach, Bruch, Sarasate, Moszkowski, Schostakowitsch etc.

Programs with Piano (Composer concerts) 
Beethoven 3 Sonatas: op. 12/1, op. 24 ("Spring Sonata"), op. 47 ("Kreutzer Sonata")
Mozart a selection of Sonatas from KV 301, 302, 304, 306, 296, 379, 454
Schubert a selection of works for violin and piano (incl. "Fantasy in C major")
Brahms a selection of works for violin and piano (Sonatas, Scherzo, Hungarian Dances)

Mixed and thematic Programs with Piano 
Nordic works by Grieg, Sinding (Suite), Svendsen, Henriques, O. Bull, Gade, etc.
Nostalgic Dvorák: Slawic Dance, Fibich: Poème, Wagner: Albumleaf, Chopin; Nocturne, and other favourites of the genre
Hebrew Melody works by J. Achron, M. Bruch, E. Bloch, C. Goldmark, J. Joachim, etc.
Famous Violin favourites Tartini: The Devils Trill, Beethoven: Romance in F major, Franck: Sonata in A major, Sarasate: Gipsy Airs, Schumann: 3 Romances op. 94, Bazzini: La Ronde des Lutins, etc.

Concert Cycles
Originally conceived for the music lovers and violin fanciers of his home town, the university town of Tübingen, the concert cycles are designed to provide a deeper insight into certain aspects of music history, by combining concert performances with commentary, sometimes with the aid of a picture show. After a presentation of the historical background of the music, an audience can listen to the music with greater understanding and awareness.
Portraits of Jewish Violinists works by J. Joachim, H. Wieniawski, E. Ysaÿe, F. Kreisler (in 4 parts) 
Violin virtuosi: 400 years of music history seen through the violin (in 6 parts, with light picture show)
Love Stories in Music Robert and Clara Schumann, Richard Wagner and Cosima Liszt, Peter Tschaikowski and Nadeshda von Meck (in 3 parts)
Johann Sebastian Bach: Complete works for solo violin, 3 Sonatas und 3 Partitas
Cycles for children "Animals in Music", "In 45 Minutes around the World", "Witches Dance" (in 3 parts)